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L Series

SVC Cooling Station is designed primarily for static var compensators and also for renewable energy applications where medium and high voltages are used.

Key features

  1. Cooling capacity 3000 kW
  2. Coolant flow up to 10 000 l/min
  3. Variety of requirements can be fulfilled
  4. Heat exchanger optional
  5. Automatic de-aeration
  6. Copper-free materials 

Cooling Power <3000 kW

The cooling power and coolant flow can be chosen in a wide range to optimize SVC Cooling Station for each purpose. Critical functions like the pump and, if necessary, also the sensors and control system can be duplicated giving high reliability.

Control system gives full operational information locally on a touch panel and by Fieldbus connection to the upper control system. Water treatment is used to purify and keep the coolant conductivity under the limit value for medium and high voltage systems. In cold conditions glycol can be added to the coolant.


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